Paper Bags

Reduce Plastic, Recycle Paper, Reuse Cloth Bags.... For A Sustainable Future.

That is the motto and mantra for Indigenous Innovations. We have introduced a wide range of carry bags as a replacement to plastic polythene bags that are harmful to the environment. We produce all types of paper bags and cloth bags.

Most manufacturers produce paper bags from virgin white paper and coating them with chemicals. Instead of this harmful process, Indigenous Innovations uses only recycled craft paper and cotton handles in its bag production. We use 100% recycled craft paper with a thickness of 180GSM+ and 20+ Burst Factor to keep our bags strong and sturdy enough to withstand nearly 5kgs of weight and rough handling. This not only ensures recycling of waste paper, but also provides business to local paper manufacturing industries. Further, we employ underprivileged women for making handmade craft paper bags and the entire process is completely manual.

We mainly produce three types of paper bags –

  • – Box folded paper bags with handle
  • – Stitched paper bags with handle
  • – Paper pouches without handle

These paper bags come with different types of handles –

  • – Cotton tape handles
  • – Synthetic rope handles
  • – Rolled paper handles

Since paper bag is our flagship product, we have ventured into various types of bags to cater to different clients with different needs –

  • – Wine Bottle Bags that are narrow enough to perfectly fit a bottle
  • – Cake Box Bags that are wide enough to hold a cake box
  • – Pet Food Bags to carry heavy pet food bags
  • – Hardware bags to carry nuts and bolts

Although we cannot beat the price of plastic carry bags, we try our best to sell paper bags at an affordable price for our larger goal to nurture nature through our efforts.

Cloth Bags

Apart from paper bags, we also produce cotton cloth bags that are stitched by our self-help groups consisting of underprivileged women in Shivamogga. We mainly produce three types of cloth bags –

  • – Handloom cotton cloth bags for regular use
  • – Starched cotton cloth bags for shopping
  • – Foldable synthetic material shopping bags


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Our Products
  • Heart shaped plates.
  • Waterproof tea cups.
  • Deep bowls and spoons.
  • Folded paper bags with sturdy handle.
  • Stitched craft paper bags with cotton handle.
  • Multi-colour non-woven bags - stitched and fused.
  • Plain white cotton cloth bags.
  • Banana fibre mats.
  • Mat finish fashion accessories.
  • Hanging and table lamps.