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We are India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Arecanut Leaf Disposable Tableware.Based in Shimoga, India’s capital of Arecanut trade with more than 30% of the national produce originating from here, we make the finest export quality tableware of every kind that is required by eco- conscious consumers across the word.

This tableware is manufactured using the leaves of the Arecanut plant, which would otherwise go to waste, using simple manufacturing technology using minimum water and energy. The industry uses unskilled workers and offers employment to thousands of people in the region. Arecanut Leaf Disposable tableware is now replacing paper and plastic products as these are highly damaging to the environment.

Some of the more important aspects of Arecanut Leaf Disposable Tableware are as follows:

  • 100% Natural, Compostable and Bio-degradable
  • No chemicals are used at any stage of the process
  • It is cleaned and sun dried and free of germs and contaminations
  • It is light weight and can be carried with ease for use in picnics and parties
  • Buffet friendly
  • It is heat and water-proof
  • It can be use in Microwaves
  • After use, the plate can be crushed and used as manure for gardens
Areca Leaf Cutlery Products
Biodegradable plates have begun to replace the environmentally harmful plastic cups and Styrofoam plates. Plates and cutlery made from Arecanut leaves are the most prominent among eco-friendly dinnerware.
Paper Bags
Reduce Plastic, Recycle Paper, Reuse Cloth Bags.... For A Sustainable Future.

That is the motto and mantra for Indigenous Innovations. We have introduced a wide range of carry bags as a replacement to plastic polythene bags that are harmful to the environment.
Banana Fiber
Banana Fiber products are one of the most environmentally friendly ones since they are 100% biodegradable and are produced from banana stem waste. Banana fibers in their natural state produce a highly absorbent material.